Rings of Responsibility

This afternoon we looked at what it means to be a good digital citizen. Please see the presentation below for more details.

Sweet, Sweet Victory

Tuesday was the Grade 5 tournament – we played hockey, basketball, and KCC (think Capture the Flag). Although 5W did a great job, 5C was able to win the last game of KCC and thus, become the champions.

Check out Ben’s 3-Point shot:



Playing hockey:

The last game of KCC:

snack selfie

We love oranges!


Music in the Air!

Grades 5 and 6 had their music assembly this morning – they did a wonderful job! Thank you to all of the parents that came out to IICS to see the performance. And if you weren’t able to come,  please check out the video below to see the entire show:


IKEA Dreams

We continue to work on our IKEA Dream Bedroom project – it feels like years since we have been to IKEA but it was just last Monday!  Enjoy the photos below!

Who Makes the Decisions Around Here?

This afternoon, we discussed and explored decision making bodies within our own lives… for taking notes, we used a Google Doc!



Invasion… Grade Nine!

Grade 5 had some visitors this morning… ninth graders! Students from Grade 9 stopped by to help the fifth graders with their mock up advertisements and gave some feedback, including next steps. We found this very helpful and look forward to applying their feedback to the final ads! Thanks Grade 9!!!

tessellations with grade 2

5C had a fantastic treat this afternoon! We got to help students from Mrs. Becker-Chung’s class create tessellations!  Check us out in action below:




Square Dancing!

At this morning’s assembly, several of our fifth graders performed a square dance!   Thank Ms. Ante and good job Grade 5!!!


Editing and Revising

Today, we looked at our persuasive essays in a different way. To help us with the editing process, we read our essays out loud to ourselves to see if we might catch any errors in conventions. Later, we read another person’s writing so he or she could hear what their essay sounds like! Then we reflected to see how this technique helps us as writers.

See us in action!

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