Chess with Gabor Kallai

This morning, students in 5C explored the game of Chess with Chess master Gabor Kallai. It was interesting to see the game pieces as soldiers, the board as a battle field, and the black and white squares as different dimensions!

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  • Gabor Kallai says:

    Dear Chess Friends,
    Thank you very much for your opinion! I enjoyed our common classes as well! :)
    I hope we may have a chess game in the near future!
    Your chess friend,
    Gabor Kallai
    International Chess Grandmaster,

  • sjung says:

    I liked playing chess and liked the other games that Mr.Kallai told us. I really liked the game where you take chess cubes but its too bad we didn’t get to play the actual game.

  • Lorenzo says:

    I really enjoyed the wonderful world of chess, I am quite experienced myself but not as good. Anyway I thought that playing chess was very awesome. I would love to play it with my family and show them how to play. I’d like to thank Gabor Kallai for this wonderful game. thanks 😉

  • ecey says:

    I think chess was really fun. I never knew how to play chess. We didn’t only learn one type of chess we learned different types of chess. I really liked the teacher that taught us chess.

  • Selin says:

    Dear Ms. Wachowiak

    Thank you for letting us use our morning time to learn more about the game chess. I honestly think that it was a good thing we learned about the game because even Mr. Kallai told us that it was an important skill to learn in life from his own experience. Now that I have learned the basic games I can now teach others the way I learned from my experience. Even though I was not the expert at the game I still had fun and it was very enjoyable. THank you again and I hope we can do this again. From, Selin

  • Deni says:

    That day was awesome for me and maybe a couple other people in the school. Also I liked the way you talked about what we were suppose to do on that day.You also said what we actually did.

  • Eleanor says:

    Hello Ms. Wachowiak,

    I enjoyed our chess game. It was fun, and got people more interested in chess because I saw a lot of people where going upstairs to play chess. I liked how we played different games. My favorite game was the hunter and rabbit game. I did like the other games too though. Thank you for letting us play these games.


  • Joshua says:

    I thought that this was the most fun I ever had (in school this year). I just realized that the person who was teaching us games was famous. An eighth grader told me that Gabor Kallai is an internationally known chess player! I think that chess is a lot more fun then people give credit.

  • bedırhan says:

    The chess game was really enjoyable for me because I lıke to play chess.

  • daniilb says:

    Wow, I really liked playing chess! I already liked it before, but now that I know more games, it’s even more fun! I think it wasn’t for Ali, because I kept winning. Anyways, cheers, Ms. W! :p

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