Editing and Revising

Today, we looked at our persuasive essays in a different way. To help us with theĀ editing process, we read our essays out loud to ourselves to see if we might catch any errors in conventions. Later, we read another person’s writing so he or she could hear what their essay sounds like! Then we reflected to see how this technique helps us as writers.

See us in action!

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  • elaa says:

    Dear Ms. Wachowiak

    I liked reading our letters out loud because we can catch mistakes.
    And we can see it in a different way. I liked that way because if its a project before we show it everyone we check it and when you check it, you feel good.

    sincerly Ela

  • Stanley says:

    Dear Ms. Wachowiak,

    I agree that reading aloud what you have written is an important skill because it helps you see how the writing would sound in reality. I also believe that when in class you partnered us students with other students to see how our persuasive essays looked and sounded like to our peers.

  • aylas says:

    Dear Ms. W,
    I liked how you wrote the post and then added a video for evidence. However next time I would have tried to think of another way to transition from the first sentence to the second. I liked your post a lot!
    Best regards,

  • Ali says:

    Dear Ms. Wachowiak,

    I really enjoyed this project because it really helped me understand why we read aloud to ourselves. I wish we had about 3 or 4 more minutes to write but I think I did well with the time we had. I enjoyed watching the video, because it helped me reflect on what I was capable of doing. This was overall a great way to reflect!

    Sincerely, Ali

  • emira says:

    Dear Ms. W,
    I think reading our writing out loud was good because we saw the mistakes we made and how sounds, professional unprofessional. Professional is better for this purpose because the writing is for a principal of a school. She wouldn’t take it seriously if it was unprofessional with lots of mistakes. This method of reading your writing out loud is helpful to hear mistakes.
    Emir the Great

  • Nur says:

    Dear Ms W,
    I thought reading our writing out loud was a pretty good idea especially when you put us in partners. The reason is because it helped to get opinions from others, and it also helped me catch mistakes. Love your great ideas.
    Your student,

  • Janet says:

    Dear Ms. Wachowiak
    Reading our letters out loud helped me catch mistakes and showed me what my persuasive essay sounded like. It was interesting because I actually caught more mistakes with someone else reading my writing; probably because the person had a different viewpoint.

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