Chess with Gabor Kallai

This morning, students in 5C explored the game of Chess with Chess master Gabor Kallai. It was interesting to see the game pieces as soldiers, the board as a battle field, and the black and white squares as different dimensions!

Quick Video


Thank You!

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who visited us today for student led conferences. It was a great success!


Coding Fun!

This morning, Mr. Johnson came in and we discussed coding using the website Daniel explained what auto-didactic means (self learning) and that coding enables any person to create basically anything on the internet, to create applications, and even to make apps for devices – it is both mathematical and creative!  Then we explored how to code.

The Art of Persuasion

In conjunction with Unit 5, students in 5C have begun exploring persuasive writing.  This morning we looked a arguments, counter-arguments, and reasons regarding the recent blocking of Twitter and youtube here in Turkey. We worked in small groups to gather and list our best ideas and tomorrow, we will present these to the class. See the photos and video below!



Problem Solving

As we continue to work on problem solving, students collaborated in small groups today to solve different types of math problems using organized lists. Check us out in action below:


This afternoon, 5C looked at antonym diamante (structured) poetry. For one poem, we compared the sun and the moon and this is what we came up with… not so bad!

Bright, Massive
Exploding, Blinding, Burning
Fireball, Hydrogen, Satellite, Crescent
Transforming, Howling, Pulling
Dark, Cold

Poetry with Music

This week, we began exploring poetry in music. We looked at how many songs are just poetry or a mini-story set to music.  Take a look at the video below to hear John Mayer’s song ‘Say’ as students listen and take notes about the meaning.


Breadwinner Magazine

This morning, students began work on their Breadwinner magazines which are due next Tuesday. Students are working with partners to create a publication written from the perspective of Parvana’s mother based upon Parvana and Shauzia’s experiences living under the Taliban. Student are being asked to use their best group work etiquette as well as their tech skills to collaborate.

Dialogue in the Dark

We had a great time at Dialogue in the Dark! Please check out the video below to see our thoughts and reactions to this amazing experience:


Who Am I??




Who is the masked, grade 5 student????


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