Unit 4: February 10 – March 28

Who We Are: During adolescence, physical, social and emotional changes take place.

February 2014

Dear Parents,

This week we started Unit 4 – ‘Who We Are’ which is our unit on adolescence. This unit helps students understand the changes that they will experience as they move into Puberty, as well as the reasons these changes occur.

Central idea:

During adolescence, physical, social and emotional changes occur.

An inquiry into:

1. Changes which occur during adolescence

2. How the changes in adolescence are connected

3. Making informed choices regarding our health and well-being

Language: Students will extend their vocabulary of words associated with emotions to assist their reflections in the Adolescence Journal. Students in grade 5 will read ‘The Breadwinner’ and continue to develop reading strategies to assist them in deepening their understanding of the text and vocabulary. Students will also look into forms of poetry.

Mathematics: Students will extend their understanding of measurement to include conversions between units of measurement in capacity, volume and mass, at the same time reinforcing their understanding of place value to thousandths. They will also explore the Pattern and Function concepts found throughout everyday maths.


Turkish: During this unit students will inquire into the birth and rise of the Ottoman Empire and then mainly focus on Sultan Suleyman period.

Art: Students will be creating their own collagraphs for printing.

French: Students will learn the names of different public places in a city. At the end of this unit, students will be able to ask directions to reach a public place.



Please check the Grade 5 calendar on the class website for upcoming events.


Carlene Whitten and Claire Wachowiak


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