Unit 1: September 9 – October 25

Sharing the Planet

We are starting off the grade 5 year with a brand new unit, “Sharing The Planet”. This unit will help us to develop an understanding of the types of actions we take towards the environment.

Central idea:
Through our actions and lifestyles we can improve how we care for the world.

 Lines of inquiry:

– human impact on the environment

– human behaviours and habits

– developing  appropriate habits of mind

Language: During this unit, grade 5 students will be exploring the structures of stories. We will investigate different character types, problem and solution, turning points and the various types of conflict. From a class read-aloud students will be listening to the novel ‘Wringer.’ They will complete learning experiences based on a variety of reading strategies including comprehension, inference, questioning and visualisation. Students will begin their own reading log to document their independent reading at home.

Mathematics: Students will explore the concept of Numbers.  They will explore place value with whole numbers and decimals, including addition and subtraction. Additionally, we will revisit basic math facts with factors, prime factorization, and square numbers. Furthermore, fifth graders will look at how to organize data collected from Unit 1 into various types of graphs.

French: In French class, students will review what has been covered in previous grades.  They will then focus on the topic of school, including school subjects, expressing opinions, using time to describe their schedule. At the end of this unit, students will be able to use this vocabulary in a presentation.

PE: In PE, 5th graders will learn Adventure Challenges. The central idea of this unit is, “solving challenges requires a team to communicate using critical thinking skills, a positive attitude and an open mind.”  Students will engage in a variety of team-building activities that will require them to cooperate and collaborate with their group members.

Music: The Central Idea for grade 5 is: Performing with instruments enables musicians to engage in a process of expressing ideas, both alone and with others. We will be learning the basics of sound production and instrument care.  We will also be learning to play correct pitch, rhythm, dynamics and articulations.

Turkish: As grade 5 students will soon be going on a field trip they will be learning about the history of Ephesus.

Art:  Students will design and create their dream bedroom in a diorama.

Upcoming dates
Back to School Morning – September 12th
Ephesus Trip – Nov 6-8th
Ephesus Parent Meeting – October 24th


Carlene Whitten and Claire Wachowiak

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