Unit 2: October 30 – December 6

Unit 2 Letter 

Last week we started our second unit, “Where we are in time and place – Ancient Civilisations”, by experiencing first hand, the impressive artefacts found at Ephesus and Priene. This unit will help students understand how we come to have knowledge of our past, based on artefacts and archaeologists’ interpretation of their uses.

Central idea:
Artefacts help us construct many aspects of ancient civilizations.

 An inquiry into:

– The aspects of an ancient civilisation

– The connections between ancient civilizations

– How modern day has been influenced by the study of ancient civilizations

Language: Students will learn the skills needed to conduct research eg note taking, how to search effectively with the internet and print resources including using keywords, and developing bibliography skills. They will synthesise information collected that will assist them in becoming effective researchers and presenters. We will also continue to develop the 6-Traits writing skills using personal recounts and writing through different perspectives. Students will read for both information and leisure.

Most students will be reading the novels, Tuck Everlasting and The Giver, with class discussions of the themes and language involved. EAL children will be reading books at their level, with support from the EAL teacher and classroom assistants. Students will inquire into the meaning, origins and spelling rules of words that are connected to our unit, as well as words used in their daily writing.

Mathematics: Students will explore Measurement including the use of timelines, area, perimeter and volume. They will also explore angles including the use of a protractor. They will continue to investigate ways to solve problems and be introduced to ancient numbering systems.

Students will discover various aspects of a student’s life in a French speaking country. They will compare them with their own experience as an International student.

Students will learn the basic skills of volleyball. Underhand serving, forehand passing and understanding basic rules of the game will be studied to allow students to play a simple game of volleyball.

The Central Idea for grade 5 is: musical productions are a platform for individuals to apply the PYP essential elements.  During this unit, we will be learning all the different jobs that are needed to put on a musical production.  We will be choosing one job and go through all the necessary steps to produce a successful musical.

Students will be learning /revising vocabulary related to the unit and the differences of city state, civilization and an empire. They will be closely looking at Mesopotamia, Anatolian Civilizations such as Hittites, Urartians, Phyrigians and Lydians.

Looking into the Australian Indigenous Culture and in particular their paintings. They will explore how these paintings tell stories using symbols.

Upcoming dates – these are also posted on the new Grade 5 calendar. Check it out under the Parent Information section.

Ephesus Trip – Nov 6-8th

Principal’s Tea – Thursday November 7th

Portfolios go home – November 13th

International Day – November

School Photos – Between November 4-15th (class dates to be confirmed)

Marmara Assembly 9:15am October 31st

Parent Teacher Conferences – Wednesday 4th December



Carlene Whitten and Claire Wachowiak


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